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The company is a western and cambodian cooperation from Siem Reap. We have been in tour industry since 1995. We offer dirtbike adventures around Cambodia. This is the right choice if you want to see the real Cambodia, away from Angkor Wat and the Pub Street. Dive into an unforgetable experience and visit remote villages and temples. Speed through hundreds of kilometers of dirtroads and trials on our bikes. Our guides are professional, friendly and will take are of all your needs. We offer different tours for all kind of riders; beginners to hardcore experts! We offer our tours the whole year, but during the raining season we might have to change our route according to the conditions of the roads. As we herebly invite you to explore our fantastic Cambodia, we will do our outmost to give you an unforgetable and once in a lifetime experience with CambodiaDirtbike.
Lis Seng - Tour Manager
Lis Seng - Tour Manager

(Khmer, English)

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The Experience

Freedom. It´s according to Gandhi, the breath of life. And it takes a particularly surly demeanour not to feel that life coursing through one´s veins when motocycling in Cambodia.

The terrain on offer outside of the cities and off the main roads varies widly, and bold bike explorers can expect to pass through tiny villages lost in time, where the locals often offer refreshments in return for little more than a smile, and ride past ancient temples which are slowly being reclaimed by mother earth.
The flexibility to create a perfect storm of tarmac, trails, sand, mud, eiver crossing and culture make the kingdom an attractive proposition for the adventurous at heart. Whether thundering down long open highways, alongside everything from huge lorries overloaded with raw timber to 50cc scooter laden with chicken, or taking smaller provincial dirt roads which wind alongside stilted wooden houses and laughing children on adult-sized bicycles, the kingdom provides an endless stream of stop and stare moments.
River crossing afford some of the most challenging moments of any tour in the kingdom, where traversing a log or wooden bridge is not only a stern test of balance but also of craftsmanship as the crossing creaks beneath the combined weight of man and his machine. Floating the bikes accross on small wooden boats is an occasional option but requires just as much chutzpah. And poise.
When the time comes to plan your journey into the heart of an often undeveloped and untamed nation, Cambodia is ready and waiting.
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Where do we stay? 
Wherever it´s possible we stay in good hotels with fans and hot water. Air conditioned rooms are sometimes available for a small extra charge. In remtoe areas and small villages, where no hotels are available, we stay in safe, clean and friendly local homes or guesthouses. If you prefer to camp out under the stars; we can also arrange everything you need like hammocks, mosquito nets and all other things thats necessary to camp.
How to carry my stuff?
You are carrying your own stuff all the time with you. So make sure that you don´t bring too much with you. A small to medium size waterproof back pack is the best way to carry your belongings. Optional you can book a support vehicle that carrys all your equipment. A CamelBack is also recommended to keep you hydrated in the hot climate. During the trip we are happy to look after all your luggage in a safe storeroom in our office.
What and where will we eat?
Our tours do not include food and drinks. The taste is different - so it would not be easy to charge a fair, individual price. This way breakfast, lunche and dinner remain as flexible as possible. Our guide will allways help you to find the right food your´re suffering, translate local written menues and place the order. Fresh and tasty food is everywhere available.
What shall I bring on the trip?
We provide helmets, gloves and googles. You need to bring your own clothts. If you have your own helmet and riding gear, we recommend to bring it with you. Wes also have some gear and cloths in stock, but can not guarantee for a a perfect fit for your size. Please contact us in advanced for information. A long sleve or biking jersey is ideal to avoid a sunburn. Biking pants or combat trousers and a good pair of hiking or biking boots are essential to avoid injuries.
Our Bikes
We have a good stock of Honda Baja 250cc and Honda Xr 250cc. All bikes are maintained well and in a good condition. 250cc sounds for western people not very powerfull, but for the roads and trails in cambodia, they fit perfect.....solid, dependable and for those that think you are good - it can be quiet difficult to stay on!
The official currency in Cambodia, the Cambodian riel, trades at around 4,000 riel to the US dollar. But there’s a 90 percent level of dollarization in the country. What this means is that you don’t need to be concerned about getting riel when you arrive in Cambodia. In fact, the visa you get on arrival must be paid for in US dollars.

Cambodia Facts

Temples are just the tip of the proverbial Cambodian iceberg. Here are some facts that help make up the rest of that iceberg.

Because of the genocide of the ‘70s up to 63% of Cambodia’s population is under thirty.
Cambodia’s flag is the only one in the world to feature a building, Angkor Wat.
During the four years of the Khmer Rouge’s rule around 2 million people were killed. That’s one-fifth of the population.
While Cambodia is renowned for cooking up creepy crawlies, most people eat fish and rice.