Prices do not include:

Airfare, hotel accommodations before the trip begins or after the trip concludes, wine, beer, mixed or soft drinks, travel protection or medical insurance.

Before making a final booking, guests normally exchange a number of emails to establish exactly what their requirements and preferences are. Most groups and individuals are booking more than 4 to 6 months in advanced. Bookings can be made over the internet, phone or in our office in Siem Reap.

Our tour leaders act as your guides, mechanics, advisors, translator and many other roles all in one.  While on a tour, the Cambodia Dirtbike team transports all equipment and tools for minor repairs. For bigger groups we provide sweepers. (Cambodia Dirtbike Team member driving in the back of the group)

Support Vehicle:
We have an accompanying 4WD if riders do not want to carry anything with them on the bikes on their backs. Cost for support vehicle is $170 per day for vehicle,the cost being divided between the numbers of riders. This support vehicle will carry cold boxes of pre ordered beer, water, food and the entire luggage.                     

The routes matched to the riders: 
Some more difficult challenging routes can be classed as Enduro and with a combo of Motocross. These routes are usually 5 to 7 day rides and are for  experienced riders, those who ride/race regularly at home and for whom riding is a major sport, hobby, major interest,  life passion. Have all the gear and gadgets. Looking for new wide open ground which is difficult or next to impossible to get at home. Add to that a remote and difficult route that could have either sand (powder) or mud (a special Cambodian consistency) or both depending on what time you are in and where you ride.  

Routes also for those that... ride at home, have their own bike/bikes, will buy a bike, want to fine tune their skills, happy to ride for five to 7 days, interested to see the culture and ride at the same time or those  not in any big hurry. Medium to Good riders. May have done a lot of dirt or may have done years of black top road before and some dirt. Able to control their speed. Inclines, bridges, hard ground, medium dirt road, some bumps,  some sand,  some mud ok

Dirt Bike Groups:
We can cater for up to 12 riders in addition to our own team that travels with the group. We offer discounts for different sizes of groups (see pricelist). We also can make complete tailormade packages that included transfers, Angkor tours and transport to and in and around Siem Reap, accommodation Please contact us directly. We also offer full travel services from those arriving ouside of Siem Reap ( eg. Phnom Penh or borders) and need assistance or holidays before or after their trip with us.

Deposit, Cancellation and Refunds:  
When a firm booking is made, a deposit is required to be paid into Cambodia Dirtbike Tour bank account in Cambodia or Germany or by a deposit to PayPal. 

Deposits are 30-50% of the total trip cost. In the event of a tour cancellation, 60 days prior to departure this event, the entire deposit is fully refundable. Cancellations made less than 60 days prior to departure date will result in the forfeiture of the full reservation deposit. In the event of a cancellation, we are happy to move the same booking to an alternative date if both parties can accommodate a change in dates. Cambodia Dirtbike Tours cannot offer any refund once a tour has commenced. There are no refunds for any unused services of booked and confirmed tours.  All quoted prices and payments are in US-Dollars. All tour balances are prepaid in USD cash on arrival in Siem Reap, or send in advanced via Bank transfer or PayPal.

Final payment on arrival: In US Dollars cash on arrival.

Cambodia Dirtbike Tours and its partners do not assume responsibility for bodily injury, nor for any damage or loss of any personal effects, luggage and personal belongings, personal injury, accidents and illness. Cambodia Dirtbike Tours reserves the right to alter the itinerary at any time for the convenient operation of the tour, dates of departure or return, or withdraw the trip if deemed necessary at any time, for any reason.

Accommodation in Siem Reap:
We have a range of hotels, that we book for our clients  that vary in terms of budget, location and strong points.  For guests that book all services with us (airport transfers, accommodations, Angkor and other tours), we can offer discounted packages.

Pre-trip Meeting:
For all those travelling on a 3 day or more tour, we will meet them on their arrival in Siem Reap before the trip departure to discuss the route and all aspects of the trip. 

After all of that, our tours are personalised, exciting, exceptionally good fun, and every day, as Cambodia expands and develops, an eye opener into a way of life that has existed here for thousands of years and the new Cambodia that is emerging.  Get in early. See it for yourself. People keep coming back. A trip of a lifetime.

A perfect location to ride…. South East Asia…… Cambodia…Siem Reap.

Many are interested in the temples but as always, for many bikers; it is the ride there rather than the destination that is important!

Cambodia Dirtbike Tours