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The company is a western and cambodian cooperation from Siem Reap. We have been in tour industry since 2004. We offer dirtbike adventures around Cambodia.

This is the right choice if you want to see the real Cambodia, away from Angkor Wat and the Pub Street. Dive into an unforgetable experience and visit remote villages and temples. Speed through hundreds of kilometers of dirtroads and trials on our bikes.

Our guides are professional, friendly and will take are of all your needs. We offer different tours for all kind of riders; beginners to hardcore experts! We offer our tours the whole year, but during the raining season we might have to change our route according to the conditions of the roads. As we herebly invite you to explore our fantastic Cambodia, we will do our outmost to give you an unforgetable and once in a lifetime experience with CambodiaDirtbike.

Our Services

Where do we stay?

Wherever it's possible, we stay in good hotels with fans and hot water. Air-conditioned rooms are sometimes available for a small extra charge. In remote areas and small villages, where no hotels are available, we stay in safe, clean, and friendly local homes or guesthouses. If you prefer to camp out under the stars, we can also arrange everything you need like hammocks, mosquito nets, and all other things that are necessary to camp.

How to carry my stuff?

As you navigate, minimize belongings. Opt for a small to medium waterproof backpack or, if desired, book a support vehicle to carry equipment. Consider a CamelBak for hydration in hot climates. Throughout the journey, trust us to secure your luggage in our office's safe storeroom. Travel light, worry-free, and make the most of your adventure!

What and where will we eat?

Our guided tours do not cover the cost of meals and beverages. The diverse palate makes pricing challenging, ensuring fairness is maintained. This flexibility allows for individual choices during breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Our experienced guides are always available to assist you in navigating local cuisine, translating menus, and placing orders. Rest assured, fresh and flavorful dining options are abundant wherever your journey takes you.

What shall I bring on the trip?

We offer helmets, gloves, and goggles. Please bring your own clothes. If you have your gear, bringing it is recommended. While we stock some gear and clothes, we can't guarantee a perfect fit for all sizes. Contact us in advance for details. An ideal choice to avoid sunburn is a long-sleeve or biking jersey. Essential for injury prevention are biking pants or combat trousers and a sturdy pair of hiking or biking boots. Plan your adventure with us!

Our Bikes

We proudly maintain a diverse fleet, featuring the reliable Honda Baja 250cc and the versatile Honda XR 250cc. Every bike undergoes meticulous upkeep, ensuring peak performance and excellent condition. While a 250cc engine might appear modest by Western standards, it perfectly aligns with the demands of Cambodia's diverse roads and trails—solid, dependable, and offering a deceptively challenging ride for those who believe they've mastered the art.


The designated currency in Cambodia is the Cambodian riel, with an exchange rate of around 4,000 riel to the US dollar. Intriguingly, the country operates at an impressive 90 percent level of dollarization, signifying a widespread acceptance of the US dollar for transactions. This unique scenario alleviates the need for immediate concerns regarding acquiring riel upon arrival. Notably, even the visa fee, a mandatory expense upon entry, is stipulated to be settled exclusively in US dollars, further emphasizing the prevalence and convenience of using the dollar in Cambodia.

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Our agency offers travelers various tours and excursions with destinations all over Cambodia. Browse our website to find your dream tour!

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Temples are just the tip of the proverbial Cambodian iceberg. Here are some facts that help make up the rest of that iceberg.

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